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Name derivation:


Prochlorothrix  T.Burger-Wiersma, L.J.Stal and L.R.Mur  1989;  the single species description is currently accepted taxonomically (Guiry and Guiry 2013).

Order Pseudanabaenales;  Family Pseudanabaenaceae




Similar genera:





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Burger-Wiersma, T., L.J. Stal, and L.R. Mur  1989.  Prochlorothrix hollandicagen. nov., sp. nov., a filamentous oxygenic photoautotrophic procaryote containing chlorophylls a and b: assignment to Prochlovotrichaceae fam. nov. and order Prochlorales Florenzano, Balloni, and Materassi 1986, with emendation of the ordinal description.  International Journal of Systematic Bacteriology 39(3): 250-257.